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We believe that having the best quality product at the lowest price is what works best for everyone. We have worked hard to get both of these factors and we believe we have accomplished this. When we add our very flexible return policy with absolutely free shipping, we believe we will earn many customers for life. Our customers are industry professionals and allow us to sell our products with very minimal confusion and setbacks. This model keeps our prices very low and allows us to focus on our business. By only offering wholesale sales we can keep our average order higher and continue to sell the most reliable products for less.


There are so many vendors today that are selling carts, most of them are companies that are simply dabbling in the business as they sell many other items not related to carts. Most Chinese cart manufacturers will have one problem or another. We know that if we try a new supplier it’s a 50/50 chance that the carts will operate incorrectly and or have leak issues. Our product packaging is designed to be used by mass processors and are packaged so that the tips can be added only after filling. Other vendors sell carts that are pre-packed in a tube and with the tip assembled. Having fully assembled carts will double your labor time and only add frustration when filling large quantities of cartridges. Our carts are spaced accordingly so that auto injector equipment can stay on track precisely.

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